About Project Caravan


“CARAVAN. Artists on the Road” is a project of Community Theatre to be implemented by a multi-disciplinary partnership consisting of 11 cultural organizations from 9 European countries.

The Project originates from the context of economic, social and cultural crises that impact on the society across Europe. It intends to build up the theme of “Reviving from Crises” through cultural interventions and artistic performances based on the methodology of community theatre, with the aim of boosting the cultural and social empowerment of local communities in some symbolic places of crises.

Project CARAVAN is envisaged to carry out community interventions in 4 “places of crises & renascence” located in 4 different European countries, where four groups of artists will respectively create 4 artistic events in community and 4 theatre productions. In addition, the Project will develop an itinerant Caravan Theatre, which is a vehicle equipped with multimedia artistic fittings, to tour throughout Europe circulating the aforesaid theatre productions. In total, the Caravan Theatre will make about 40 stops in 11 European countries, and present over 50 performances, completely gratis.
In order to disseminate the results and best practice achieved during Project CARAVAN, 10 conventions/seminars will be held in 10 European cities. A documentary film and other audio-video materials as well as printed publications will be produced. Moreover, various communication and promotion efforts will be carried out with mass media and via Internet.

Project CARAVAN will last for 42 months, with an estimated budget of about 3 million Euro.
Project CARAVAN will lay the groundwork for an international network/association on community theatre, and exploit the possibility of organize a European festival in this field. After the completion of the Project, the Caravan Theatre will continue to be used for future cultural initiatives.

Project Caravan’s Idea by Alberto Pagliarino