Community theater

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The fundamental objective of Community Theatre is the social-cultural empowerment of individuals, groups and communities by means of research and intervention built upon theatric
languages and performing arts, so as to promote meaningful human relations as well as to rediscover the authenticity of the social context to which it bears a reference.

The artistic-creative work of Community Theatre is based on a project whose protagonist is the community itself. Normally a project is carried out by an interdisciplinary équipe with various competence in the theatre and social-cultural fields. Implementation of a project usually need long time and a complex articulation of actions. The activities of Community Theatre are characterized by a specific method of communication, a complex of relations and a symbolic reconstruction of reality.

Therefore the Community Theatre may take place in a variety of contexts, such as outside a historic house, in the squares, the urban buildings, the schools, the hospitals, the stations, etc. It is a theatre generated from the grass-roots and actively involve the public into the performative event, aiming to bring the theatre back to the popular matrix.