The CARAVAN Project envisages an international cooperation action at European level and, through the methodology of Community Theatre, pursues the mission of boosting the cultural and social empowerment of local communities in some symbolic places of crises.

Specific objectives

  • to create experimental and innovative theater and art activities, which are originated from close contact with local communities and developed on wide involvement and participation;
  • to circulate the aforesaid artistic work in several European countries, promoting dialogue and exchange between different cultural traditions and contexts;
  • creating a network across Europe among cultural professionals and organizations, in order to improve reciprocal information communication and share, to promote artistic cooperation and exchange as well as to facilitate transnational mobility of theatres, dance and music companies, artists and other cultural operators.

Results to be achieved

  • capacity obtained by local communities to autonomously carry on the formats of social-cultural interventions in a continuous and sustainable way;
  • enrichment of artistic and cultural competences possessed by the professionals,
  • volunteers and entities involved in the Project;
  • durable cooperation between the companies of theatre, dance, music and other international cultural entities.