The partnership responsible for the final implementation of project activities is composed of 11 organizations from 9 European countries:


original core charge of the project and identification of the transnational partnership:

Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Torino (CRT Foundation), project leader and coordinator of the project. The Foundation takes care of all the administrative, operational and project management CARAVAN.
Always been strongly committed to the cultural area through the provision of funding in this area in Piedmont,CRT Foundation has recently decided to participate in European competitions, including primarily under the Culture Programme.

Master in Social and Community Theatre of the Faculty of Education – DAMS University of Turin is responsible for overseeing the project and artistic and methodical monitoring of the performance achieved in all activities.

European Partners

CRT Foundation, and the Master in Social and Community Theatre of the University of Turin, is supported by a transnational and multidisciplinary partnerships, from 9 European countries, characterizes heterogeneity both in terms of both the geographical origin of the cultural organizations involved:

  International Centre for Theatre Research | Atalaya-TNT (Spain)

Theatre Spira (Sweden)

  Nordic Theatre Laboratory / Odin Teatret (Denmark)

  Projects, Action, Art, Theater P.A.K.T. registered association (Germany)

  Faculty of Fine Arts School of Computer Design Wyzsej (Polonia)

  Movements of Voluntary Associations Italian Onlus (Italy)

  Association of Local Democracy Agencies (France)

  Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (Slovenia)

  Municipal Theatre “Vazrajdane” (Bulgaria)