Despertamos (Wake up)


Script and playwriting María Cabrera y Juana Casado
With Joaquín Galán, Jonas Fröberg, Beatriz Ortega y Guillermo Leal.
Choreography Juana Casado y Victoria Alarik
Scenery Sergio Bellido
Technical Coordination Alejandro Conesa
Sound Emilio Morales
Communication Patricia Aguilera y Javier Prieto
Production executive Rocío de los Reyes
Distribution Masé Moreno
Production secretary Elena Gordillo
Songs and Chorus Esperanza Abad
Drama Director and Scenic Assistance Pepa Gamboa
Musical Director Luis Navarro
Director Juana Casado
TNT’s director Ricardo Iniesta

Inspired by the 15M movement, “Wake Up” searches through personal stories about the causes that have led to the current crisis. Four characters stuck in the drama of unemployment, domestic violence, illegal immigration and the abuse of power.
As a desperate race to the bottom, the characters are driven by complex circumstances to the limits of their strength and  understanding.
Through choreographed protest and songs of petition, the act proposes a break and a change for a society that no longer Works.
Despertamos meaning “Wake Up” is an act of protest of the reality in which we live. How do we find a way to escape our poverty, without putting ourselves in distress? Are we able to speak out without fear? From despair to hope and to fight perhaps, for a better way of life.

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