“Summer’s Night Awakening”

Artistic concept of Summer-night Awakening FINAL ANG

“A man is worth two women. The redemption payment given in a case of a murdered woman is only half of the one that is given for a murdered man.”

“One Thousand and One Nights”

Our Aspiration:

Theatre Vuzrajdane’s production will represent the Caravan Project’s context by portraying the urgent and painful issues caused by one of the most shameful and despicable violations of one’s pride and dignity that our world had to abide with for far too long – the domestic violence. Domestic violence is a gender-based crime with women being more likely to experience domestic abuse than men.
It could only be expected in our modern day society that women who have become objects of their partner’s violence will no longer live their lives suffering in silence as, speaking in historical context, was the common practice during past centuries. There is no denying of the significant progress that our world has accomplished on this grave matter since, and the number of organizations and constitutional laws serving to protect those victims is more than evidential. However, according to statistics 1 in 4 women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime – many of these on a number of occasions,  one incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute., and on average, 2 women a week are killed by a current or former male partner *.
Although the issue has become more vocal the fight against it is not even half way through the end. Hence, Theatre Vuzrajdane has chosen to become a soldier of the legion of protection in this battle, to become a knight if you’d prefer. Our production is set to represent the reality of the victims’ suffer, the complexity of their inner fight, while being under the constant pressure of the daily acts of abuse.  Whereas, at the same, we hope to aid those still struggling to believe that truly there’s always a way out; we hope to give strength to those who think themselves to be too weak and thus incapable to stand up against their misfortune and ill fate; we hope to help those, who have managed to escape the domestic nightmare, to realize the extent of the courage and willpower they possess and that they deserve nothing less than utmost respect. For the truth is scars run deeper than the lines of the bruises, and pain, as well as the shame, haunts those women even after they’ve broken free from their abusive past.
In order to achieve these goals we will work closely with organizations dealing with victims of domestic violence. We will organize workshops during the process of which women that are under the protection, or have become staff members of our organizations-partners, will take active part. They will become participants in numerous work sessions under the help and partnership of our actors, which above all else, we hope, will have a therapeutic effect for them. In addition to that our collaboration per se is going to be essential for our production’s script; for we intend to add to its plot few of the personal accounts of those same women that we’ll have the immense pleasure to work with.

*statistics by Women’s Aid Organization and VAWOR


Our Inspiration:

Our production is dedicated to those who suffered and are still suffering from domestic violence, and it aims to be a messenger of hope and strength. It is a positive story of rising from the ashes of the Crisis and spreading new wings towards the better future.

The center of our story is the Woman. Being the Mother it is well known that she holds a deeper connection with her child, she is the heart of the Family as a social structure. Any aggression on her is an indirect act of violence towards the child and the family itself; most of the cases this traumatizes the child and sets the tone of his/her destiny.