ASTI  – 57 km from Turin – 14th  of April

The first stop of our tour was not very far from Turin, we started to warm up for our journey but we took it easy in order to live every single moments of that new context. Asti is a small town, famous all over the world for its “spumante” (sparkling wine). It has an excellent gastronomic tradition and also a lot of cultural activities that distinguish it among other cities in Piedmont. The Caravan passed in the Week of Culture in collaboration with the City Government of Asti, Vedogiovane Asti and Casa degli Alfieri. Unfortunately, even though we were on April, it rained and it was very cold, so all the organization was suspended until the last moment when we chose the small Auditorium of the Centro Giovani as location. For a moment all seemed to go wrong but Caravan spirit is… “We get by”!

The show  

While the Caravan was parked on display in a downtown square and Elena went forward and backward in order to improve this new show communication, in Asti all we started to realized that we had to adapt to any situation in that tour… to change place at the last minute because of the rain, to change the entries and the exits stage, to face every time a different audience, to modify some passages of the show… but  in the end, this is the beautiful part of the work… to be always prepared for any change and keep on anyway! The people reached us also in that hidden place, dried themselves from the rain and started to take place. The atmosphere was intimate and intense in that small hall…here was where the show started. This Asti replication allowed us to try the show in a theatre version, a useful occasion for future dates. Even though the space was smaller and the rain discouraged the audience, the replication went well… the crowd was glad and commented with the actors about what they had just seen … and we were ready to start our Spanish adventure.


The restrictions of a small and outback place. The joy of playing without a microphone.
The satisfaction of seeing the audience pleased.

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