Cuneo – 98 km from Turin–19th April 2012

And so, after the debut in Asti, we arrived in Cuneo, where the journey kept on developing itself, holding us outside Turin for the first night. Cuneo is a triangle-shaped city, enclosed between the river Stura and the ravine Gesso. It’s a little centre enriched by the elegant and residential arcades of Via Roma, with its cafés and shops we overlooked during our afternoon of rehearsals. The company Melarancio works in Cuneo since almost 30 years, they realize shows, formation projects,  festivals and social theatre paths.They are our local partners and since the beginning they showed their enthusiasm and interest for Caravan, by setting for us a meeting with the students of the institute for the higher education “Grandis”.

The workshop

In the morning we held a workshop in a school. The partakers to the workshop were all girls attending the last year. During the three hours of work they shared with us their vision of the woman of the future: aggressive, similar to a panther, or organized and efficient, able to deal with the challenges related to family, work, leisure time… a winner, apparently. Too bad, time is never enough. Do you want to hear a description of the husband? Sitting in the armchair, drinking a beer or sitting cross-legged in front of the television broadcasting football. Their images gave us food for thought and  inevitably reminded us of our characters, characters that within a few hours would have been presented on stage to the girls… Picture their welcome!

The show It was really cold that night in Cuneo. The original idea was to bring our travelling stage in the marketplace, but in the last 48 hours the temperature had a sudden drop and so we went to the Toselli Theatre. This theatre, hidden in a tiny street of the city centre, is a little jewel dating back to the 1400s. It made us feel strange to be in an Italian-style theatre with a sloped stage, red stalls and perfect acoustics. Among the audience there were the students met at the workshop. During the applause Elena and Biagio recorded fresh impressions:“I like the idea of thinking about the crisis with cheerfulness”,“Thanks! We needed it!”, “It’s important to keep in mind you always have to keep on dreaming, especially in this moment..”


The glistening eyes and the broken voice of a young touched spectator of the audience leaving the theatre.. The small crowd of people lingering in discussions about the events of the show, the “thanks”, the “welldone”  received, but, most of all, the expressions on their faces that communicated gratitude and trust for the work we are carrying on.

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