Gerona 24th-25th-26th  , 776 km from Turin

We read on Wikipedia that Gerona is a city crushed by both sides, wedged between France and Castile. Entire centuries to defend its borders, to establish who’s in and who’s out. The borders are signs of closing, but also places for meetings and indeed the inhabitants of Gerona are naturally predisposed to meeting new people. The people here are wonderfully hospitable and, as we discover during the workshops and community relations, also very generous.

Gerona is beautiful, comes along a river and reminds us a little of Florence, but more simple. A beautiful simplicity, on a human scale.

Here we have worked with Quim Nogera, director of the Training Centre Theatre El Galliner, housed in the Casa de Cultura of Girona. Quim has supported us in working with young people that are close to the centre. We like the idea of offering a workshop, but also an opportunity for an open debate on the issues mentioned in the performance: the crisis, the rebirth, the lack of work, the desire to start a family. We will do both.

Reborn from the crisis in Spanish is said “salir de la crisis”. Coming out like coming up. Reborn then here is a bit like getting up after a fall? But after having fallen, are we still the same? The fall and rise: this will be the theme of our laboratory. After all, our performance has a very significant title: “Precipito -Rush” …

The workshop

We meet the group of Joanmiquel Ferran’s boys, the meeting is straightforward: an opportunity that we seized suddenly. The work develops with a pleasing naturalness. We offer many exercises, some funny, some are very technical, but the theme is always the same: to learn how to fall to find out how to get up. Work for 3 hours, very intense. It’s nice to discover each time that theatre gives you the chance to make an encounter that in life would seems almost impossible: there is no need for many words, just seeing a falling body, another that supports it, the way that these bodies and those persons find a simple movement to get up together. Sometimes falling is like taking a knock on the head, some others is more like a light sleep or a romance. And when those bodies get up – they reborn! – They have a different quality, are lighter and laugh a lot. Finally words come: all sat in a circle. There is much more to say, then we invite everyone to see the show: we will make it become an opportunity for open discussion.

The interactive-performance

Our first show in Spanish will be indoor and not on the caravan: too windy and too many technical problems. The caravan is still proudly displayed outside the House of Culture of Girona, where we are to go on stage. Tonight we’ll try an experiment. We met David from the organisation “La nave va” .David deals both with Social and Art Theatre: very close to the theatrical vision of Caravan. We ask him if he wants to help us to lead the after performance discussion with the audience as if it was a moment of Forum Theatre: the audience commenting on the scenes, taking the stage, taking the place of actors. David finds himself on Caravan’s stage.

The performance is already very involving, but when we ask people to talk it is a choir of points of view, personal experiences, visions of the crisis, of emotion. No one has trouble getting on stage and showing their solution for a rebirth. They make us work a lot.

I believe that everything that was said can be summarized as following: the crisis is not just around us, but inside our heads. We must begin to look with new eyes, but above all, we must start to move together. Tonight we have discovered that “Precipito” has also this possibility: it is not only a sight to behold, but it can become a place of strong participation and interaction.

Then an impression. We met citizens, students, institutions, the director of a theatre and it seems that the crisis brings out the best part of people. Spain will all be like this?

What we take with us

A white statue in the middle of a square puts his arms a light angel, soft and brittle that is about to fall to the ground asking for help.

A sweet and poetic image created by Sonia and Federica during a work in couple at the theatre workshop held in Girona at the Youth Centre. Sonia is a Spanish girl who lived in Turin for two years. “If the great love that had brought me there wouldn’t have finished … I would have stayed in Italy,” she says with blue shiny eyes. “Youth Centre”, “House of Culture”, “E la Nave Va”, are the first Spanish realities with which we have faced, not very different from ours. Thirty and forty-year- olds, concerned about the cuts on culture, about the lack of money, about the effort to continue to work in theatre.

During the work of Image theatre by David these themes come all out, but in them I find a great vitality, enthusiasm and lightness.

Their ascent from the crisis and oppression? Having many people around willing to help, willing to broaden our vision. There is a need for community, brotherhood, solidarity to come out of this situation.

How Indignados write: “NADIE GANA SI NO GANAMOS TODOS” (Nobody wins if we don’t win all).

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