Murcia 1445 km away from Turin

The meeting

Open-mindedness, curiosity and warm welcomes are the highlights of the time I spent in Murcia, which is a beautiful city where modernity meets antiquity. It was funded by Carthaginians, glorified by Arabs and then conquered by Christians, the city is full of baroque art and is home to three university which attract students from all over Spain and Erasmus students from every corner of Europe. The presence of students in our audience was very significant for our show, they followed every single act with laughter and silences dense of emotional involvement. There was an extraordinary energy.

The show

The Italian stories of the show “Precipito” found correspondences among Spanish people, they revealed similar problems and trends which the two countries share: the strong cuts to health service, education and culture, the rampant spread of privatization and the myth of businessmen, who are apparently free but actually deprived of their basic rights. The meeting between our show and a group of students of a High School raised discussions about social concerns but it also generated energies, energies by concerned but determined young people and by teachers who believe in changes. Contagious energies.

The workshop

We worked with some students, mostly boys, of the Murcia School of Dramatic Arts and Stagecraft, who watched Precipito and then welcomed us with trust and excitement. After a first step of training and warm up exercises, they worked in couple creating positions that could represent the financial crisis, where one person could model the other’s body. Then the guys showed their positions and explained which feelings they evoked. We divided the guys in three groups and each one created a short act whose subject was “recovery from the crisis”.

Three impressive, clear and significant choreographies.

Three titles: the will, the power, the flight.

What this experience gave us (Aldo and Federica, actors)

The day before the show we met Antonia, a teacher of the School of Dramatic Arts and Stagecraft, her eyes were sparkling with excitement and curiosity. She participated in the workshop with her students. The guys were very excited both for the workshop and the show “Precipito”, they had a remarkable expressive intensity and a great ability to live these experiences with their bodies.

I am very impressed by the teachers who are able to involve deeply their students.

Aldo (actor)

What I will always remember of Murcia are the majestic trees, the clear sky, the hot weather in spring, but most of all I will remember that group of young guys, concerned about their future but full of excitement, determination and desires.

I am now on the way to Granada and I am thinking about them, about their looks, so pure and so full of life.

Young people who decide to invest their future in acting, dancing and music with optimism, determination and courage make me feel reassured and thanks to them the world will go on.

Federica (actress)

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