454 Kms from Strasburg- 13th JULY 2012

The meeting

At 10pm two members of the Copion Theatre Company met us in the town centre and took us to the assembly room, the place in which they had planned to hold the performance. It was not possible to act in the street as it was raining constantly.

Alba Izzo, the manager of the Copion Theatre arrived later and explained to us that they had included the sample of our show in an event that was very important to them: a welcome party for adolescents from developing countries that came to spend two weeks living with a group of adolescents from Baudour that the company had held a drama workshop with for the past eight months.

The act also included the final sample of the workshop with the Belgian students and a performance by a local dance studio called Takapa.

The performance

Despite the fact that the performance time was delayed somewhat (it was planned for 18:00 and started at 22:00), that there were technical complications during the set-up, that we did not find a slot between the activities and performances of the other groups to be able to do a private rehearsal in this area which is new to us, and our nerves due it being the first time that we included a translation of some of the texts into French, we managed to enjoy the show. The public played a large part in our enjoyment they showed interest from the start and gave us a big round of applause at the end.

The social gathering

We spent the whole day in the facilities of the Town Centre with the Takapa students and the organisers of the party – who were actors or technicians and all members of the Copion Theatre Company. After our performance quite a few members of the public added to this social gathering, eager to congratulate us and to share their thoughts on the show with us.

It was a long rainy day, but we were surrounded by very interesting people that made us feel at home and that showed us (as Arnaud, one of the technicians already told us) “that the sun is in your heart“. To bring the day to end, we were singing and dancing to celebrate the meeting, and to bid us farewell.

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