Bovbjerg Fyr


426 Kms from Hamburg- 19th JULY 2012

The show and the social gathering

The biggest square and the most beautiful place (without comparing it unfavourably with the previous ones) in which we have acted until now. In Bovbjerg Fyr, we parked the truck facing the sea and in front of a lighthouse. Between the stage and the sea was a mound of grass that became a natural platform where people were sitting quietly waiting for the show to start. There are horses surrounding it that are either running freely or being led by riders. Our first stop in Denmark takes place in this relaxing environment where, at first sight, it seems that the problem of the crisis that we address in the show has not made an impression or it is only advertising. This is how this country receives us on our first stop with the Caravan Project and the show starts with a sun that contributes towards making this uncertain summer day become a magical experience for us. The message seems to have been conveyed and the audience attentively follow its development and in the applause they surprise us when we discover that there are people that raise their hands as evidence of victory. People approach us again to show us their gratitude and to write their messages in our book.

The inside of the lighthouse now becomes a stage and is a marvellous place that a group of pensioners have reopened to convert into a place of cultural movement in the area. In its dining room where they welcomed us with many of the members of this group and associates. The act of having dinner becomes a type of ritual in which they insert interventions of people talking and songs that continue with songbooks shared between them, between courses, all of which are exquisite. Before the dessert we decide to take a pleasant stroll along the beach, and to close and say goodbye we also give a song that they accept with the tranquillity and the delivery that they have shown for the whole day and that has made us return to the hotel with a smile on our faces.

Enjoying small things is something that we talk about in our show as a possible way of recovering from the crisis, and we feel that these people have given us a practical class on our theory.

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