426 Kms from Schwerte- 18th JULY 2012

The show and the gathering

It was a rare show for us in Hamburg due to the weather, since we had to perform it in the entrance to a shopping centre to protect ourselves from the threat of rain. This idea, which seemed a little foolish to us at first or that we had not anticipated, turned out to be quite a strange experience to add to our knowledge as actors. Given the place’s characteristics and being a circulation area, it gave the opportunity to the existing public, not very many people, but loyal from start to finish, and situated in front of a counter with a wide selection of meals to taste, being a different show to those that they had seen up until now. In this new version, as well as three actors and an actress who developed a proposal, they were able to consider the people in the street that were passing with bags or shopping trollies and for a few seconds were part of the story we were hoping to tell. We are trying to convey a message to normal people that are living the crisis and unintentionally, those people that we were attempting to tell our story to become participants and were also narrators. Also, for us an actor, feeling those presences was something new, improvised and enriching, that in the beginning may seem to have attempted to invade our space, but in the end it became clear that it was also their space. Perhaps we have to reflect and convince ourselves that life is a thoroughfare in which, with or without the crisis, we all have the right to a path on which we are able to move, attempting not to bump into anybody.

After this show-experience, which until now is the closest we have been to the audience and in which shook us to contemplate the tears in the eyes of a lady when Joaquin gave her a false €50 note. People, as before, came back to leave their written impressions in our book. The lady that we mentioned before, who also turned out to be an actress, told us that we had touched her heart and she left a lovely message: “Today, the stars in the sky stopped to look at you. You opened your hands and they all fell into them. You have the power to convert these stars into gold and continue giving wherever you go”. It was a very emotional moment for everybody.

When we had packed everything up we had the opportunity to get to know the theatre managed by Andreas, the co-ordinator for our stop in Hamburg, and who showed us very affectionately. To bring the day to an end, we had a few beers with him and some of his friends in the San Pauli neighbourhood where we also stayed and which nostalgically reminded us of the Alameda de Hercules in Seville.

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