301 Kms from Puertollano- 28th JUNE 2012

The show

At 8pm, in one of the town’s parks, we perform the show in front of a diverse audience of all ages, with the logical concern on our part that there are a considerable number of small children that the show is not aimed at, but that surprisingly follow it attentively and respectfully.
It is a nice place and we are sorry that we are unable to use lights to deliver our gift in all its splendour, but still, and although there is a UEFA Cup match, people stay until the end and take part in the game that we propose in order to approach us to speak to us and the option that we offer to leave messages in a blank book that we provide.

The social gathering

Higueruela is a small town with only 1,300 residents and has the welcoming and hospitable character that is typical of this type of town centre.
We stayed in the only hostel in the town and the night before the show we had the opportunity to celebrate Spain’s victory against Portugal in the UEFA Cup with the local people, in a bar which is the social centre of the town.

Photo Gallery


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