puertollano otra

287 Kms from Sevilla – 26th and 27th JUNE 2012

The show

It is our first stop of the tour and we are finally going to present the project to those people that it is really aimed at – people on the street. We have all worked with an aim in mind and we have all had an idea of how it should work and how we wanted the show to work, but it is now that we have to put it into practice. We have left with the hope of making social work and that people will not see all of this as a mere performance of a show; our intention is to get them to participate as much as possible. This dream started to become reality in our first show, since when it finished there were quite a few members of the audience that approached us to congratulate us for our work and above all to appreciate the message. They felt that they were able to identify with the problem that we proposed and praised the fact that the theatre echoes the difficult situation that we see ourselves involved in. It was very pleasing for us to see from the truck how the ever growing audience was approaching until each of them had chosen their place, some sat on the floor and others stood up and they all ended up following the show attentively. This audience mainly consisted of young people that were hanging around the promenade making the most of the cool night air and they conveyed their gratitude to us for this unexpected gift with their glances and later their words.

 The workshop

The first contact we had with the group of residents that attended the workshop through the coordination of the council was very pleasant. They were mainly housewives and parents. They all knew each other because they were all from the same theatre group in town, which helped to create a relaxed, close and funny atmosphere from the start. They all had a very participative attitude and freely expressed their concerns on the subject of the current economic crisis, sharing their personal experiences without any shame and completely naturally.         

 The social gathering

On the day of the show we were lucky to meet a group of youngsters from the social movement platform 15M in Puertollano. It excited us to hear how they helped to raise awareness of our show, as well as the initiative of the project. With our support they also told us how they felt about the current crisis.

After they spoke to us about the situation in the town, they told us about the success of a demonstration that they held some weeks before, since more residents had attended than ever before; some ten thousand people took to the streets to demand the town hall to take responsibility for the situation of precariousness caused by the recession: lots of unemployment and many funds being used for improvements in the town that were being unjustifiably wasted. They told us about Pepe, a friend who was unemployed and was camping on the other side of the promenade and had been on hunger strike for ten days.

The next morning, we approached the promenade and met Pepe and showed him our support. He was pleased to meet us and was very grateful for our visit. He spoke to us about his situation and excitedly told about all of the support he was receiving, which he said was the food that gave him the strength to carry on and not lose hope, but we felt more grateful to have had the opportunity to have come across a fighting hero, a great example of sacrifice and generosity.

There are good men who fight for a day, better men who fight for a year, and even better men who fight for several years. But the ones who fight all their lives are indispensable”. Bertolt Brecht.

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