331 Kms from Baudour- 15th AND 16th JULY 2012

Show and Social gathering

 It was 13:00 on 15th July and we arrived at the Markplatz where we had met with Cristoph Falke, who was responsible for welcoming us on our first stop in Germany. When we say ‘welcome us’, Cristoph took it to the next level, because for all the time we were together we only received demonstrations of kindness and his wish to make us feel comfortable whilst we were developing our work. We had a lovely lunch with him that was served in a Spanish bar on the square where we would later perform, and during that time he showed us in his work in the world of theatre in Schwerte and in his efforts to advertise our tour, with posters with information in German, small leaflets to distribute, press releases, etc. At 6pm in the afternoon, the start time for the show, we bared witness to the fact that his efforts had been worth it, and we found ourselves with a considerable audience that were waiting for our gift, a very pleasant surprise for Cristoph, since he told us about his doubts about the possibility of there not being much of an audience. This doubt was soon dispelled and we found ourselves with a fantastic audience that followed the whole show attentively, laughing and devoting themselves with their gaze into what was happening on the truck.

The magical point for us came almost at the end of the show, when it started to rain with certain intensity and the people did not leave their seats, and those that did went to take shelter under the pillars that were next to the bar where we had eaten a few hours ago and that at that time was providing us with the electrical outlet for the music and where we would later eat with Cristoph, his family and some of his work colleagues. One of these people participated with us in the show reading a text from Bertold Bretch in German that we used. We also had the opportunity to chat with people in this bar, many of them Spanish, all part of the audience, and to receive praise from them for our work. At the end of the night, this became a stage and witness to an exchange of songs between Spanish and Germans, with which, both the square and the bar stood out a lot on our stop.

The square and its people accepted our gift and savouring it until the end. That enjoyment was mutual and they also made us savour very enchanting moments. “This is a square and here there is hope.

The workshop

We enjoyed this workshop more than any other, since for us it was the last of the tour. The place was also very inviting and the group was very interesting and very interested in our work proposals. All were artists: actors, musicians, a playwright, etc. All of which were friends and therefore a climax of confidence was created from the start.

The main purpose of our dramatic expression workshop has been for the participants to express their ideas or their experiences on the subject of the crisis in Europe and promote their creativity at the time of imagining solutions to this problem. For this reason we have divided the workshop into two parts: the first in which we have included warm-up and body and vocal training exercises, and disinhibiting, flexibility, concentration, creativity exercises, and games; the second part we dedicated to the exposure and reflection of the subject in question using improvisation proposal games in which the whole group participated. Each time, the result of the workshop has been very positive; therefore we are able to feel satisfied.

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