1.222 Kms from Tárrega- 10th July 2012

Social Gathering

At 2pm the Caravan was guided to the square, near the Victor Schoelcher Socio- Cultural Centre of the Cronenbourg neighbourhood, where they set up the Stage. While in the process of doing so a crowd of many children and their parents gathered to ask why they were there. However the show had to be put back from 4:00 to 6:00 to allow the children to enjoy the activities and the workshops. This was received immensely.

The organisers asked us to start with the workshop so we left the stage outside ready for later and came into the centre. It was the first time for us doing the workshop both with children and abroad. It was hard to believe how easy it was to communicate with them even with the language barrier. It turned out to be an amusing experience.

Before they could start the show, a short storm had passed and forced the team to have to wait whilst everything dried. Not a total loss it seemed, because they were treated to several traditional performances from dancers and musicians of different countries. 6pm came and went and the team were forced to set up the show in the social centre by another torrent of rain.


In the end the team decided to pack up and leave without performing. The children and families had already started leaving due to the strict times. This was the only regret of this stop, in spite of this; they were still pleased with the reception of the tour and of the success of the workshops. The bonus being that they were able to see the significance of the community service and the organisers of the Socio- Cultural Centre.

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