257 Kms from Villareal – 2nd and 3rd JULY 2012

The interviews

We took advantage of the amount of people in a central square close to the place, where the workshop was going to be held, by deciding to carry out interviews about the different situations created by the recession. Speaking with many different kinds of people: young people, elderly people, immigrants, etc. The responses were as diverse as those interviewed.
The young people saw the recession as a social concern, but it did not affect them directly, the elderly people were living the recession of their descendants and the immigrants were feeling the effects of it, and there were some that told us that they even contemplated moving back to their country of origin.

The workshop

Not many people participated in the workshop that we held in the Centre D´Entitas in Tárrega, but the few that were there (two young people, a child of around ten years old with his mother, and two older ladies), they totally committed themselves to the game from the start and really enjoyed themselves. They all knew each other as they had spent a year attending a very interesting body expression workshop, which according to what they told us, consisted of free movement from city ambient sounds. This was a point in our favour when connecting with them, since they were already familiar with the world of expression.

On the other hand, the fact that we found ourselves in a workshop with three generations of people at the same time, was quite difficult for us at the start, but it was later compensated by the wealth of their different contributions. In this way, it is necessary to highlight the child’s attitude, totally disinhibited in the improvisation games, and how it made all of us to lose any bit of embarrassment.

After the workshop we were chatting with them. They were pleased with the work and the improvisation exercise in which they had to represent a conflict which is the fruitful result of the recession, to later propose solutions for this conflict amongst them, seemed very interesting to them. They praised the therapeutic aspect of expression in general and of our dramatic expression workshop in particular. They told us that they still wanted more, which gave rise to the fact that they told us how Tárrega, being the venue for Spain’s most important Theatre Fair, paradoxically does not create much theatrical movement.

The show

 In Tárrega we enjoyed the show a lot. The street lamps on the square where we parked the stage were switched off in order to give centre stage to our lighting. The night was cool and the ambiance was welcoming. The audience, familiar with street theatre appeared to be very participative.

After the show, like other times, we invited the people to come onto the stage and write in our book. Like in previous places, it was the children that populated the stage of the caravan and the older people who shared their opinions with us. Some ‘angry’ young people showed us their gratitude for the tribute to the movement and for having conveyed the message of hope to what they call ‘Deep Catalonia’. On the other hand, they complained about the lack of advertising for the performance that took place in town. In fact, they were there because they passed by chance. They were not aware of it.

A family of gypsies waited for the show to end to congratulate us and to praise our courage and the flamenco art with which they said we were acting.

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