The events leading to the Seville tour

These are the events that took place in Seville in the build up to the second part of the tour.

Intercultural Festival in the Public School Victoria Díez

The Victoria Díez school is in Los Pajaritos, a working class neighbourhood in the North East of Seville. This school can be found at the heart of this area.
“Escuela entre Culturas”
(School among Cultures) was the name of this meeting. The aim being to bring knowledge of the different world cultures closer. Each cycle works with a continent and elaborates on materials and products which are significant in each region. These materials were also on display at the festival.

Theatrical support of the neighbours of la Corrala Utopía

Among the acts of TNT and Atalaya in PROJECT CARAVAN Spain, an artistic concentration was carried out in the squatters building called “Corrala Utopía”. TNT decided to integrate their struggle and their demand as their own. They held a parade and an act of musical theatre, driven by the actors and actresses who form the main team of Atalaya.

Intercultural Festival in the TNT Centre

The meeting on 29th May was thought up as a mere day of co-existance in a festival of brotherhood between all of the participants. The members of the workshops, the students from the school, and representatives of the slum settlement of El Vacie came together to share food, chats and to enjoy the artistic shows put on by Atalaya and TNT for the evening.

The arrival of the Italian Caravan Tour

In the 2nd week of May the Caravan truck arrived from Italy in conclusion of its tour, with the theatrical montaje “Precipito”.
The show of the Italian Caravan was performed in the slum settlement of El Vacie, this being the first time a professional show was performed before the residents of the oldest shanty town in Europe. A landmark event in the cultural history of the city and an action capable of pushing forward future acts of artistic and social intervention in areas at risk of exclusion.

Steering committee

From the 16th to the 19th May the TNT Centre was host to the members of different delegations of the European Caravan Project in the Seville Experience. The working days passed with very positive results, generating confidence in the relationships between the co-organisers of the Caravan. Any possible doubts which came up in the communication process prior to the meeting were resolved thanks to face to face meetings.

The second Caravan tour begins

From the 23rd June to 22nd July 2012 a tour of the Spanish team of actors will take place in the countries which are taking part in PROJECT CARAVAN.
The Tour will take the play “Despertamos”  (We awake) from Seville to Holstebro where they will hand the Caravan European Tour over to Odin Teatret.
The tour “Despertamos” will pass through 5 different countries (Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark) and will offer 10 performances.