“Who are we?” Corrala Utopia

“We are a group of people who have an urgent need for a home. The economic crisis, as with many other people, has crushed us. We are hardworking, humble people, who have lost our jobs. We have gone to the institutions in search of help and solutions, and have obtained absolutely nothing.

In some cases we have been evicted from our homes by the banks. By the same banks who have received multimillion public funds to clean up their accounts. The same banks who are responsible for the terrible crisis we are suffering. We have seen how, overnight, when we were unable to pay the mortgage, our families ended up on the street.

In other cases we were never able to get access to a home of our own. We kept going by paying rent as best we could, investing the greater part of the salaries that we receive for our work. Nevertheless, when we lost our jobs we found ourselves on the street, with nobody concerned about us or offering us any kind of solution.

For this reason, we decided to get organised and validate the right granted to us by article 47 of the constitution which affirms that we have “the right to enjoy a dignified and adequate home. The public powers will promote the conditions necessary and will establish the appropriate regulations to bring this right into effect, regulating the usage of land according to general interest to prevent speculation”.

We have relocated in a building built a couple of years ago, and which had nonetheless remained empty. The property of the building belonged to a real estate company which went bankrupt, making it unclear today who it belongs to (whether a bank or another company). We have not entered into anyone’s home, but into houses that were empty, while we were going to end up on the street. Furthermore, we are taking care of the building.

We do not want to take over ownership of these homes. We just want to have a roof under which our families can sleep. We are open to dialogues with institutions, owners of the building, ombudsman, political parties and whoever else is relevant with a view to regularizing our situation.”


For more information about LA CORRALA: http://corralautopia.blogspot.com.es/