Caravan arriving in Sofia

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12:00 – 12:00

Sitnyakovo marketplace, Sofia, Bulgaria,
Sitnyakovo marketplace, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Jasonites – a Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Project for EU Caravan – Artists on the Road


A musical comic performance for families with actors: Alberto Martinez Guinaldo, Giuseppe L.

Bonifati, Isadora Pei,Marcelo Miguel.
Assistant: Markus Karekallas
Director: Julia Varley
Tour organisation: Nathalie Jabalé

The point of departure to develop this family performance was an article about emigration between Portugal and Uganda. Before people would emigrate from Africa to Europe in search of work while now the opposite happens: people leave Portugal for Uganda in search of opportunity and prospects.
Prejudices are turned upside down, as the third world becomes first and vice-versa. As crisis pervades the so-called rich countries, it could be that the direction people take in search of homes and jobs might change. Hope, fighting spirit, social connection and empathy is what is needed for renaissance, which is to say to be born again. What values do we build upon?