“Caravan – Artists On The Road” in Freiburg, Germany, Schedule Friday 7 June

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09:00 – 21:00

E – Werk, Freiburg, Eschholzstr. 77, Großer Saal
Eschholzstr. 77,, Freiburg, Germany

7 pm

E – Werk, Freiburg, Eschholzstr. 77, Großer Saal

Opening celebration:  Caravan Project in Germany

Benedikt Ocker ( PAKT e.V. ), Clementine Herzog ( Kulturamt Freiburg )
dur. 15 min., admission free

7:15 pm

E – Werk, Freiburg, Eschholzstr. 77, Großer Saal

„Echtzeit – Extrazeit – Jederzeit“, inter-generative theatre project

In 2013 “PAKT” e.V. started in cooperation with a school and a retirement home  the inter-generative theater project: „Echtzeit – Extrazeit – Jederzeit“. This project is implemented for a duration of three years and “Metamorphosen” is the first result.
dur. 70 min., admission  free


9 pm     

The Jasonites
a Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Project for EU Caravan – Artists on the Road


A musical comic performance for families

Actors: Alberto Martinez Guinaldo, Giuseppe L. Bonifati, Isadora Pei, Marcelo Miguel
Assistant: Markus Karekallas
Director: Julia Varley
Tour organisation: Nathalie Jabalé
Thank you to Claudio Coloberti for the home-made bananas


The story is one that we all know: an outsider arrives to the ‘Banana Land’. He has given up finding what he wants in other countries pervaded by crisis. He strives to be admitted and accepted. By chance he finds himself inside. Then he tries to seduce the locals exchanging his dance with theirs and by learning the musical language of the place. He is put to work, he is made fun of, and eventually given recognition and a medal. He experiences the death of a banana and its revival as part of his trials. Finally he will be able to transform his sober clothes to flashing red ones. Renaissance takes the form of a happy song and a sweet taste: banana chocolates are shared with the spectators. And everybody will live happily ever after. But we should always remember that we can still slip on a banana skin.
dur. 1h, admission free