Artistic concept of Summer-night Awakening FINAL ANG
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21:00 – 22:00

Festival AltroFuturo Main city square, Piazza E. Ferretto, Mestre (Venice)
Piazza E. Ferretto, Mestre, Italy

Date of workshop

(in the afternoon, time slot to be confirmed)


The idea of “Summer-night Awakening” was born after we looked deeper into the world we are living in and we realized that it is not only Crisis of poverty that we are suffering from, our society is going through inner Crisis of communication and morality values. With the exceeding number of acts of aggression anywhere around us, Theatre Vazrajdane’s decided to dedicate its work on the multinational Project Caravan to the social issue of domestic violence and to create this special performance, dedicated to those who have been direct and indirect victims of its consequences.

“Summer-night Awakening” aims to be a messenger of hope and strength. It is a positive story of rising from the ashes of the Crisis and spreading new wings towards the better future, following the true spirit of the Caravan Project.

We invite you to a night full of remarkable stories about the strength of human spirit, some of them based on real events, we welcome you to join us in the Caravan world where there is always a way out of the Crisis, we ask you to come and be inspired not only to watch our performance but to be active participants alongside with us, to discuss your ideas and opinions on the topic, to take part in the establishing of the path towards the Renaissance, so we can bring positivity and hope together!