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09:30 – 21:00

Valvasorjeva 40, Maribor, Slovenia

Redefining Crisis: Paths to freedom?


The noble intentions of the Caravan “manifesto” made in 2011 – to build up the theme of “Reviving from Crises” through cultural interventions and artistic performances based on the methodology of community theatre, with the aim of boosting the cultural and social empowerment of local communities in some symbolic places of crises  – gain some further meanings in 2014.

The economy and the human values are running downhill – can we still catch the train? More and more inhabitants of Europe that still had some economic security in 2011 are facing the ubiquitous reality of reaching rock bottom. Is Europe becoming a place of crises?

The artists have to cope with the huge responsibility of being the prophets and nurturers of reinvented values. What and where are the margins of human dignity and survivor?

Who is the man and the woman of 21st Century? The roles are changing, but what are the frustrations of the heritage patterns and their impacts on community? Should we learn to behave tribally? Are we able to survive outside the chains of a supermarket society? Are we what we have? What about our ability to feel and to love? Are we still able to bond emotionally outside economical patterns and relationships?

The aim of the conference is to try to answer those questions – and arise new ones. We will keep questioning and finding solutions!

Tanja Grosman




Press Clipping

Caravan – Potujoči umetniki v mariborski KIBLI (27. 3. 2014)

Dnevnik TV Maribor (27. 3. 2014) 17:31-17:47

GLASNIK, ODDAJA TV MARIBOR (1. 4. 2014) 05.28—16.17


Printed Media

Večer_kultura_Z umetnostjo_k restavraciji_etičnih_vrednot_str 15_29_3_14

Večer_sobota_Melita_Forstnarič_ Julia Varley-TEATER TUJCEV V DEŽELI POLNI TUJCEV_ str 2 do 5_5_4_14


Online Media

Center Ustvarjalna Evropa v Sloveniji __ 17_3_2014
Kalendar događaja _ SEEcult.org Portal za kulturu jugoistočne Evrope_27_3_2014
Nad krizne situacije z gledališko-aktivističnimi metodami __ Prvi interaktivni multimedijski portal, MMC RTV Slovenija



Photo: Janez Klenovšek





Production Association for Culture and Education KIBLA
President: Aleksandra Kostič
Producer: Dejan Pestotnik

Executive production: Dejan Pestotnik
Conference programme and coordination: Tanja Grosman
Expert consultant: Aleksandra Kostič

Translation: Helena Fošnjar, Cameron Bobro
Layout of electronic and printed media: Samo Lajtinger

Admininistration: Lidija Pačnik Awais, Mirjana Predojevič

Technical team: Simon Sedmak, Jure Vekjet

Stage production: Soundbiro
Stage producer: Žiga Dobnikar

Video and photo production: Matej Kristovič Studio
Camera: Matej Kristovič, Andrej Orel
Editing: Matej Kristovič

Cover photo: Matjaž Wenzel (photo), “Was ist Maribor?”, documentary performance, 2012, Art Collective Was ist Maribor

International Coference “WE – FOR – GET” is a part of multianual international project CARAVAN – Artists on the Road (2011–2014).

Project partners:
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Torino | CRT Foundation (Italy)– coordinator
Master in Social and Community Theatre of the Faculty of Education – DAMS University of Turin (Italy)
International Centre for Theatre Research | Atalaya-TNT (Spain)
Theatre Spira (Sweden)
Nordic Theatre Laboratory / Odin Teatret (Denmark)
Projects, Action, Art, Theater P.A.K.T. registered association (Germany)
Faculty of Fine Arts School of Computer Design Wyzsej (Polonia)
Movements of Voluntary Associations Italian Onlus (Italy)
Association of Local Democracy Agencies (France)
Municipal Theatre “Vazrajdane” (Bulgaria)
Association for Culture and Education KIBLA (Slovenia)