Symposium: Theatre as a Laboratory for community interaction

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15.05.2014 - 19.05.2014
00:00 – 00:00

Holsterbro, Holsterbro, Denmark

within the framework of the European Culture Project Caravan – Artists on the Road and the Laboratory Theatre Network

Theatre as a Laboratory for community interaction

Holstebro, 15 – 19 May 2014

Odin Teatret’s experience as a laboratory is rooted in the artistic quality of its performances. But a theatre laboratory has other tasks: to ask pertinent questions and solve concrete tasks (pure and applied research); to pass on technical knowledge (pedagogy); to be cultural operators who are active in the local community as a means of stimulation and integration. A theatre laboratory promotes artistic transformances, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, and social exchange – or barter – to enliven the relationship between culturally distant
individuals and subgroups. Thus theatre, aiming at exchange and social interference, becomes a means to activate a potential cultural energy, displaying anomalous and exceptional experiences. Theatre becomes the art of putting into relation that which is different, making it visible and allowing a communication based on a living contact of empathy and reciprocity. Going beyond its artistic objectives, theatre becomes a cultural motor which infuses equal dignity to the different forms of expression in a community.
In general discussions, community theatre has often been dismissed as belonging to an amateur sphere that does not demand rigour and discipline resulting in performances of poor quality with the excuse of a political, social or didactic message. During the Symposium speakers of diverse origins and experience will confront the theme of a theatre laboratory’s engagement in the community hoping to bring a different point of view. Performances will be presented to contribute to the discussion.


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Thursday, 15.5.2014

16.00 Arrival artists, speakers and participants
Visit of Odin Teatret with Ulrik Skeel

18.30 Supper

20.00 Odin Teatret (Denmark) – THE CHRONIC LIFE, ensemble performance directed by Eugenio Barba
N.B. The performance will be in Fabersvej 15, Holstebro (bus from Odin Teatret)


Friday, 16.5.

09.00 Julia Varley, Odin Teatret (Denmark) – INTRODUCTION, talk

10.30 Humørgruppen (Denmark) – THE SONG OF MY LIFE, performance

11.30 Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione and Alessandro Pontremoli, Turin University (Italy), SOCIAL COMMUNITY THEATRE, talk

12.30 Øyvind Kirchhoff, Forsøgsstationen and Det Olske Orkester (Denmark) – FORSØGSSTATION AND DET OLSKE ORKESTER: ON THE CROSSROADS BETWEEN THEATRE AND SOCIAL INITIATIVE, talk

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Miguel Rubio, Yuyachkani (Peru) – MEMORIES AND REPRESENTATIONS, talk

17.00 Ricardo Iniesta and Juana Casado, Atalaya-TNT (Spain) – A DIFFERENT THEATRE IS POSSIBLE AND MORE NECESSARY THAN EVER, talk

18.30 Supper

20.00 Alberto Pagliarino (Italy) – POP ECONOMIX, performance with Alberto Pagliarino.


Saturday, 17.5

09.00 Richard Gough, Centre for Performance Research (Wales) – GREAT RECKONINGS IN LITTLE ROOMS: 100 YEARS OF FORTITUDE

10.30 Giuseppe L. Bonifati, Divano Occidentale Orientale (Italy/Denmark/Hungary) – COMMUNITY VERSUS RESEARCH: A YOUNGER GENERATION’S POINT OF VIEW, talk

11.30 Darek Kosiński, The Grotowski Institute (Poland) – THE DOORS TO BE OPENED: POLISH PARATHEATRE LABORATORY

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Joanna Sherman and Michael Mc Guigan, Bond Street Theatre (USA) – THE POWER OF PERFORMANCE: THEATRE IN CONFLICT ZONES, talk

17.00 Kai Bredholt, with the participation of Sofía Monsalve (Colombia) and Elena Floris (Italy), Odin Teatret (Denmark) – THE THEATRE OF RECIPROCITY, talk with live music

18.30 Supper

20.00 The Jasonites (Spain/Italy/Brazil) – TOMORROW, performance


Sunday, 18.5


10.00 Solvognen Christmas Event, film

11.00 John Fox and Hannah Fox, Dead Good Guides (UK) – COMMUNITY CELEBRATION, A NEW LANDSCAPE

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Eugenio Barba, Odin Teatret (Denmark) – REFLECTIONS

17.00 Final discussion

18.30 Supper

20.00 Odin Teatret (Denmark) – ESTER’S BOOK, performance with Iben Nagel Rasmussen and Elena Floris. Directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen


Monday, 19.5

09.00 Breakfast and departure of artists, speakers and participants
Please note that changes might occur in the programme!


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