Theatrical support of the neighbours of la Corrala Utopía

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20:00 – 23:30

Among the acts of TNT and Atalaya in PROJECT CARAVAN Spain, an artistic concentration was carried out in the squatters building called “Corrala Utopía”. TNT decided to integrate their struggle and their demand as their own. They held a parade and an act of musical theatre, driven by the actors and actresses who form the main team of Atalaya.

For some time we have been observing how this predatory system continues to devour all kinds of rights without contemplation. Among them; the right to have a place to live, the to bring up our children, and most of all the right to live in a dignified home with a roof over our heads.

These people have fallen into the hands of people with authorisation. People who destroy and rob present and future, using weapons such as speculation, embezzlement, and bribery. This is evidence to see the lack of humanity in this system, and how we are forced to look the other way while we are stripped of such basic rights.

In the face of this crime and injustice, we support the numerous groups, associations and people at an individual level who want to call a halt to this barbarity.

We know that alternatives to this problem have been sought from numerous meetings with the affected, help has been requested from the government on numerous occasions and not only has this been ignored, but in fact they limit themselves to looking on and then position themselves on the side of the banks and finances, responsible for these evictions.

The response from society has been immediate and massive. The action to relocate those families with problems and lack of alternatives has begun. The social networks are starting to weave, and society has begun its unification process with empathy and solidarity calling ever more loudly.

As a result of this energy and current, we have proof of the relocation of 32 families in this building and we want to show them our support. The building is LA CORRALA DE LAS VECINAS DE LA UTOPIA and from there they are fighting to achieve what the government denies them … the basic right of a dignified home.

To better explain this phenomenon we have included the explicative manifest of “Who are we?”, one of the chapters of their blog.