Conclusion: The Power of Words

They have made us believe that they have the power, through fear they have created a world for a minority to get rich, they feed off us and subjugate us making us see that we are nothing, that we live in the world that they are choosing for us.

They have imprisoned us in an invisible jail of asphalt and consumerism which fills our emptiness and numbs our souls. We allow impotence, fury, rage, and above all fear to reign in our hearts bringing us to an abyss in which we sometimes think that death is our only ally…

That we are alone, and what can we do… that we are insignificant before the omnipotent giant.

Open your eyes and see… life is full of little-big details which demonstrate the beauty which is within you as you observe them. A flower, a smile, a glance, a caress, a breath of fresh air, a friendly hand and the thought that the so-called powerful one is too busy building fortune to perceive the true power of the human being.

Be aware of who you are, there isn’t enough money in the world to buy your heart. GO ON… if you fall down, get up again, if you can’t reach then stretch up, if you are hurt each scar will show you that you overcame that wound, carry them with pride. If you are afraid, face up to it, true bravery is the one who faces their fears, not the one who isn’t afraid of anything. Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything, because in the darkness of your fears you will find the hidden light of your heart, and that you are a bright guiding light for the world. Don’t ever forget it.

True power has three phases:

Awareness to recognise yourself as unique and indispensable. You are partly earthly and partly divine (show pride in the beautiful sign inside you) because you have spirit and the best characteristic of your spirit stems from creation, imagination is the alternative which opens every door, imagine how you would like to be, what kind of life you’d like to have… IMAGINE YOUR LIFE, IMAGINE YOURSELF (this is the great alternative to the crisis, as Einstein said knowledge is limited but imagination is limitless  and free).

Choice here stems our true power in our capacity to choose.

We have our free will to choose at each moment, choose to live or die, to be a slave or decide to be free, to keep quiet or speak up, between fear or love… in this act is where we find our true freedom of choice. We don’t have to try to change our neighbour, nor change the world, just choose what you do and don’t want… as a wise person once said “Create the world you want to see in yourself”…  CHOOSE IT.

Action is the materialisation of power (action is that which you most need to express and which is the hardest to overcome )…another wise person said that first there was the VERB and then creation arrived. At first it was the word, that energy which guides your voice giving strength to your thoughts. Imagination and choice mean nothing if you don’t VERBALISE THE IDEA YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO BELIEVE. Say what you feel, say what you think, what you believe and tell yourself I AM until you believe it. Because you are the one who governs and has absolute power in your life… say verses and poems, say I LOVE YOU if you feel it, if you don’t say it then there’s no point, the other may feel it but will never see it made reality because you kept it to yourself. Speak always speak, always do… you will create the beauty which you perceive through your words which materialise in actions, and remember that with this gesture you will be truly powerful … much more than the minority who try to buy power because they are not capable of creating it… Feel powerful facing one who thinks that they are… because you are the only master.


Be impeccable with your words because now you know they have the power to create…