Initial proposal and objectives

The initial proposal for the work process was a group of between 10 and 15 people. In the first phase, the focus of the work was directed towards the observation of the processes of the group itself. It was divided into the following stages:

a) Evaluation of the initial state.
b) Monitoring of the changes and progresses experienced by the individuals, without interference, and giving them absolute confidence in their own growth processes, so that the group gains confidence in itself.
c) Monitoring of their artistic abilities and their acting skills (without this having any repercussion on the selection process).
d) Awareness that, despite the circumstances which each one has experienced, their current interests are similiar to those of any other person. Whatever has happened in their lives prior to this, can be transmuted into a learning process and experience without drama.
Constitution of a stable work group.

Objectives to be achieved by the team:

The main objectives which we propose are focussed on the achievement of personal goals rather than artistic development, although we work using theatrical techniques.
These objectives are:
a) Encourage the group to participate in the work routine.
b) Integrate the participants in the work processes of the group.
c)  Favour growth in the personal self-esteem of each individual.
d) Get the participant to achieve recognition for his/her own personal values and the capacity to face up to their own fears as a consequence of this recognition.
e) Establish the value of Friendship and respect for their companions.
f) Promote the recognition of ones own self limitiations.
g) Understand that problems are not just personal and nontransferable, but that they can be shared with the group in order to receive support for their solution.
h) Achieve a positive outlook on past situations, as part of the learning process towards the present and the projection of the future.
i) Be capable of recognizing oneself as one is and reaffirm oneself in relation to the surroundings.

Advantages for the group and the social sphere they belong to:
The main objective and process which we wanted to centre our work around goes beyond the personal growth of each individual as a member of the team or of the group itself as an separate entity. We want to extrapolate the work to the social environment, as though it were a wave effect. For this reason, our intention is that the work which originates in our centre, soaks through to external groups in the same cirsumstances as our group, so that the social environment benefits from the process developed. In this way, we can achieve a social repercussion both within the area of the neighbourhood, as well as the city, province and even state.