Project diffusion and stage set-up

Diffusion of the Project

Initiatives carried out to give visibility to the results of the project:

Our first act of diffusion has been the presentation of PROJECT CARAVAN to the Media and the entities which endorse and promote it. After that the diffusion of the project was carried out through to several different phases, covering the different sectors of social diffusion: local, regional and national press, radio, television, social networks Facebook, Twitter etc.

 Stage set up:

Once the process of social investigation was completed, the creative process began with the production and set up of  “Despertamos “, (We awake) under the direction of Juana Casado, with a cast of four professional actors. The work process of this mise-en-scene was developed over the period from April to June.

With this offer, TNT will carry out a tour of the countries participating in PROJECT CARAVAN during the months of June and July.

For us, the most important element of social intervention and its repercussion on the circle of our society, is respect for people, idiosyncrasy and groups with which we develop our work. The essence of the social intervention we have developed, as well as its ramifications on the different family and social sectors in which the participants of the workshop live, has grown gradually in a way which is gratifying to us.

We have been able to see how members of the workshop transmit and communicate what they have learned here within their sectors of coexistence, applying the same essence of spirit of Project Caravan to their daily lives and the people closest to them. We are confident that this will remain alive and will grow, in Seville, as well as in thecities of the rest of the world where they may live in the future.