Communities met in Turin

Theatre Reading by Hospital community

O.I.R.M. Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita

Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital and Saint Anne Obstetrics and Gynaecology Hospital pursues the purpose of promotion and protection of health and, in particular, provides highly specialized services in ‘area of the protection of the health of women and children, carrying out interventions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, teaching and research.
In the Department of Child Neuropsychiatry the medical staff, volunteers, families of young patients, together with the associations Maigret & Magritte, Casa OZ and Coop Mirafiori, worked for several months with the patients to create a trail of large and small shoes, white and coloured clogs, slippers and boots with stories and phrases that have guided Caravan’s guests to the hospital. Here a small audience was able to witness a theatrical moment realized with the hospital community.

Theatre Reading by Hospital community











The Laboratory of Pietra Alta District was born in the mid-90s with the processes of recovery and requalification and mending the social fabric through the Pru – programs of urban regeneration: the district contracts and the social development actions. All these measures are based on the methodology of participatory design intended to create more ease and comfort by allowing residents to offer the potential of their ideas, knowledge, of their time as actors and agents of change. Specifically, the district upgrades through the work of its inhabitants and through the resources that can be found and activated locally.


SHARING is the project carried out in Turin to meet the needs of temporary rents in the city at controlled and moderated cost , strongly characterized by its goals of efficient energy and low environmental impact.
Welcome, sharing of ideas and spaces, meeting of cultures, environmental sustainability represent the spirit of the initiative SHARING TORINO, which is completed with additional services: social promotion services including a Health Centre offering Dental and Psychotherapy services, sponsored by OLTRE VENTURE; TOjob work orientation counter promoted by COOPERATIVA DOC, a Mediation Centre, Legal Advice Counter; Microcredit activities; Time Bank; a socio-cultural service, Car and Bike Sharing; restaurant, bar, laundry and bio-market; common rooms for training, exchange and relax


puppets of crisis built by Pietra Alta students

In the district of Pietra Alta, north of the city, the citizens of Turin together with schools, associations, and groups of the area, have been involved for three months in the creation of two public events and have started the journey in the New Year’s Eve with the bonfire of the old stuff. Music, songs performed by Caravan artists and local associations (River Mosso, Sharing, and others) have accompanied the opening aperitif


+ SPAZIO4 comes as part of “+ space + time San Donato thinks / plans / invented” – project carried out in agreement between the City of Turin, District 4 and the Compagnia di San Paolo – which aims to encourage and guide the sense of belonging to the land, rebuilding positive relationships in public spaces and promoting widespread responsibility in the care of the neighborhood. In + SPAZIO4 find place different associations such as Allurement, Sulla Parole, Archimente, Banca del Tempo, Compagnia 3001, Mondo Nuovo

Travellers of Caravan New Year’s Eve were welcomed at + Spazio 4 by the Moldavian community, that offered them their traditional music and dance and their savoury bread, symbol of the simplicity and truth of what is necessary to think of tomorrow’s world.

a tipical bread shared by Moldavian Community withCaravan artists


Centre of education and promotion of the arts, is a square around which everyone can find his own space to express himself creatively and to weave social relations. From the artistic point of view, Cecchi Point offers opportunities for personal growth through the performing arts. Since 2001, the property is managed by the association Il Campanile, in partnership with the City of Turin and District 7, the Centre has been active since 2002 in the places that were once destined to the Maintenance Workshop of the City. Today’s new multicultural hub managed by The Campanile offers, among other things, welcome service, career guidance, coaching education, artistic and recreational activities for children, youth and adults. Cecchi Point is an open space area with activities, events and cultural events of big appeal

Starting from September Caravan has made a great community work at Cecchi Point with the support and participation of many organizations and associations that work there as well as with the inhabitants of the district, the educators, volunteers and professionals. With them it was possible to organize a collective dinner for over 500 people in the middle of the night with photographic exhibitions, dancing, singing and performance

fireplayers and the big New Year’s Eve dinner at Cecchi Point
The Casa del Quartiere is a laboratory for the design and implementation of social and cultural activities involving associations, citizens, creators, cultural and social activities and it is an open and multicultural place of crossing, meeting and exchange of activities and people. The project was started with funding from the Vodafone Foundation and thanks to the participation of the City of Turin to the cost of renovation of the former public baths of  14 Morgari Street.
Inside the Casa del Quartiere there is the District Agency of San Salvario a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life in its social, economic, environmental, cultural aspects in the district of San Salvario in Turin. The Agency is an organization of second level consisting of about 20 associations and organizations of various kinds (social promotion associations, cultural associations, religious organizations, citizens’ committees, etc..), Is based on the heterogeneity of the participants of which enhances the experiences and knowledge with the shared goal of a redevelopment of the neighbourhood-based social and economic sustainability

At the Casa del Quartiere, District  of San Salvario has been offered a moment of ritual and performative propitiatory dances created in the previous months with the partecipations of citizens from 9 to 69 years old, coordinated by the Bagni Municipali and local associations in collaboration with the choreographer Doriana Crema.

the last dance to welcome the New Year

 Turin équipe has also worked with further communities:  


                Agenzia di Quartiere di San Salvario (

                Associazione Ulaop Onlus_Un Luogo AmicO dei Piccoli (

                Bagni Pubblici Via Aglié

                Associazione Villaggio SNIA

                Bagni Municipali San Salvario (

                Casa Oz   (

                Cirimela punto gioco

                Find the Cure  (

                Istituto Sacro Cuore (

                Operatori Commerciali Aurora – Cecchi Boys (

                Piazza dei Mestieri  (

                River Mosso (

                RSA Carlo Alberto/