Great community event in Sevilla: Intercultural Festival of TNT


When the Caravan arrived in our city, an exchange of actions were carried out between the new arrivals and the participants of our creative process and social interventions.

Our job has focussed on marginal groups in severe risk of social exclusion. With them, any iniciative to graphically document the events is a laborious and negotiated process, since, with particular reference to the gypsies of El Vacie. The majority of the men and women are waiting for judicial sentences. They have no trust in the current established system and of course, from their point of view the crisis is not a current topic, since they have been in permanent crisis since they were born. They are a living example of the struggle and how to be recover day by day.

Thanks to our supportive work since the inauguration of the TNT Centre in 2008, the gyspy community trusts us and our work. This is partly due to the respect and tolerance which we have shown them at all times. It has been a communicative labour with great effort on behalf of the gypsy community and the members of our group. We now share the neighbourhood, hopes and work.

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