Intercultural Festival in the Public School Victoria Díez

This is a very socially and economically depressed area. The neighbourhood is in a deplorably deteriorated state. The people who live there have limited access to cultural manifestations, despite being one of the key centres of immigration of the city. In fact, we are talking about immigrants from the five continents.
Boys and girls from every corner of the world share this school, including a significant proportion of gypsy children. It is for this reason that the Intercultural Festival is so important in this centre.

TNT collaborated by holding a Batucada (drum circle) to make the encounter more enjoyable. The idea was to present some clowns in Scottish costumes (Repercussion Scotland) to encourage participation and dance from the very beginning. The objective was carried out successfully, as we were able to observe the surprised faces of the boys and girls at the start, and their desire to dance and follow the parade, mingling among the percussionist-clowns afterwards. It was also gratifying to see how African, Arabic, South American and Chinese mothers, dressed in their traditional outfits, danced together to the beat of our drums.

All of this is possible thanks to the efforts of the teachers, and the selfless support from some institutions the area who want to show the little ones how to fight against social exclusion. In order to reemerge and be reborn into a life they can enjoy.